Board of Selectmen September 12, 2016

Board of Selectmen September 12, 2016

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 – 7:00 P.M.

7:00 p.m. OPEN SESSION

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Proclamations: - Falmouth Amateur Radio Week
- Cape Verdean Club Festival
4. Announcements
5. Public Comment
6. Presentation of U.S. Flag and Mass. State Flag to the Town of Falmouth from the American Legion Post 111, Woodstock, CT
7. Minutes of Meetings: Public Session – July 25, 2016, August 29, 2016
Executive Session – July 25, 2016, August 29, 2016
Vote to Release/Not to Release Minutes of Executive Sessions


1. Licenses
a. Approve Request for Five Special One-Day Liquor Licenses – Highfield Theater – Falmouth Theatre Guild – September 16, 17, 23, 24, 25, 2016

2. Administrative Orders
a. Review of Liaison Assignments
b. Approve Shellfish Regulations
c. Vote to Accept Donation to the Veterans Donation Account in the Amount of $1,194.47 from Kevin and Trina Frye in Memory of Richard Markgren
d. Approve Grant of License – Odd Fellows Hall – One Chancery Lane, Falmouth
e. Approve Payment in the Amount of $104,000 from Affordable Housing Fund to the Falmouth Housing Trust for Odd Fellows Hall Project
f. Vote to Appoint Patricia O’Connell Custodian for Property Located at Davisville Road and Marsh View Road in East Falmouth, Further Identified as Lot 14 (assessors map 40 12 011A 014)
g. Approve amendment to Steamship Authority Lease Agreement
h. Vote to Support Affordable Housing Committee Application to CPC to Update Falmouth Housing Production Plan
i. Approve PILOT Agreement for Landfill Solar Project

7:30 p.m. BUSINESS

1. Vote to Affirm New Senior Center Site

2. Vote to Approve Board of Selectmen Strategic Plan FY17-FY21

3. Request for Privately-Installed Flashing Speed Limit Sign on Quissett Avenue – Quissett Association

4. Request to Maintain Private Raft in Mares Pond Off Town Property

5. Review and Vote a Revised Overall Fiscal Policy, the Investment Policy, and the Annual Budget Policy

6. Presentation of FY17 Capital Budget to Board of Selectmen

7. Vote to Create Town Positions of: Housing Coordinator, Community Development Director, Fleet Services Manager and Facilities Manager

8. Vote Articles and Execute Warrant for November 2016 Town Meeting

9. Interview, Vote and Appoint Committee Member
- Waterways Committee

10. Annual Committee Reappointment
- Veterans’ Council Committee

11. Individual Selectmen’s Reports

12. Review of Town Manager’s Report

13. Review and/or Discuss Correspondence Received

Doug Jones, Chairman
Board of Selectmen

Board of Selectmen September 12, 2016