2014 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

The 42nd running of Falmouth’s World Famous Road Race, from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights. This year’s broadcast features footage from the starting line on Water Street, including Joan Benoit-Samuelson’s opening comments, both the Women’s and Men’s press trucks along the race, and the exciting finishes: Stephen Sambu’s dominant performance; the three-way battle between the Women’s leaders Betsy Saina, Gemma Steel, and Molly Huddle; and the record-breaking wheelchair finishes of James Senbeta and Tatyana McFadden.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

FCTV Exclusive: The R/V Sikuliaq In Woods Hole

This Exclusive takes a look at the new Research Vessel Sikuliaq, which was in Woods Hole at the Oceanographic Institute to be configured for her Maiden Voyage. The Sikuliaq (an Inuit word meaning “young ice”) is part of a new fleet of academic research vessels funded by the National Science Foundation. The Sikuliaq will be able to take scientists and their equipment deeper into the Polar regions not possible with previous ships due to thick ice.

Thursday, August 14, 2014