FCTV Public Bulletin Board

FCTV's Community Bulletin Board is available to all Falmouth based non-profit, community groups and government entities to post their notices to FCTV Channel 13's Bulletin Board.

FCTV's Bulletin Board is an excellent way for nonprofit and community groups, municipal and government entities to publicize information, activities, events and services. This service can be used to publicize town happenings, fundraisers, health screenings, support groups, public meetings, lectures, art events, church suppers, and more.

FCTV's Community Bulletin Board is displayed daily on Channel 13 prior to 7am, typically after 12 am, and between programs. It can also be seen right here:

To post a notice online:
Non profits, municipal entities and community groups that are members of FCTV may receive a user name and password to use our new online service which is called Carousel. With your username and password you can design and update your notices as you like. To get your username and password, please e-mail Executive Director Debra Rogers at deb@fctv.org.

If you already have a password, please click this LINK to post your notice.

If you need assistance or a workshop to get going, please email info@fctv.org. We will provide a workshop for FCTV members at no charge to help you get the most of your Carousel login.

Posting announcements to our Community Bulletin Board is also open to non-profits, municipal entities and community groups who are not FCTV members. Come by our studios at 310A Dillingham Avenue in Falmouth to fill out a request form or download and print it here. Alternatively, fill out the online request form here.