Erika Hahn Receives the Priscilla ("Pucky") Roslansky Memorial Fund Award

Congratulations to Erika Hahn, a long time FCTV member and producer, who was chosen to receive the first annual Priscilla “Pucky” Roslansky Memorial Fund Award for her video “Answering the Nutrient Problem; Integrated Resource Recovery” taped in March, 2012 at the Falmouth Library.

In 2012, the Falmouth Community Television Board of Directors established the fund.  After her retirement as the research director at the Associates of Cape Cod, Priscilla “Pucky” Roslansky became an active member, producer, and supporter at Falmouth Community Television, where she made hundreds of videos on a variety of subjects including environmental, medical and other issues. FCTV named an editing studio in her honor in 2010. If she thought of a topic the town needed to better understand she promptly made a video on the subject to educate her community and improve the political discourse. She believed firmly that all politics are local and that if the people lead the leaders will follow.

The yearly award will be given to one FCTV member producer who is chosen by the selection committee based on the submission of a video program no less than 30 minutes in length which relates specifically to the Falmouth community and serves to educate or improve public discourse.

To read more about the Priscilla “Pucky” Roslansky Memorial Fund Award, and how to apply for the award next year, click here.