Youth Programming at FCTV

FCTV has a number of programs for young people, including our Tuesday after school Young Producers Group and our Animation Camps.

Kids Camp 2017

The Rec Center and FCTV host an animation camp through July and August, this year the students created The Epic Battle: Fruits vs Vegetables.

Youth Producers Promo

If you know any young people in grades seven through twelve who have an interest in video production, tell them about FCTV’s Youth Producers! Once a week throughout the school year, FCTV’s Youth Producers meet for two hours every Tuesday after school to learn and practice video storytelling.

FCTV Youth Producers: Youth View May 2017

The Youth Producers discuss Memes as well as their favorite experiences at Lawrence during the school year.

Youth Producers: Clue

In the latest video from the Youth Producers a murder has been committed and the cop must find the killer before he kills again.

Open Scene February Vacation Animation: The Last Sandwich

One of the Animations from our February Vacation classes for local students.

Open Scene February Vacation Animation: Super Space Adventure

One of the Animations from our February Vacation classes for local students.

FCTV Summer Kids Camp Week 2: Superhero Team Up

When 2 Notorious villains take over a plane it is up to a group of superheroes to save the day.

FCTV Summer Kids Camp Week 1: Average Joe

Average Joe travels through Alternate Dimensions to find his way home.

Bad Little Snowmen

The FCTV Youth Producers Club just completed their first animation project of 2015, using the FCTV animation suite and its powerful DragonFrame software.

Youth View

In this episode of the Youth View our students discuss what they did over break and winter activities they enjoy.

Youth Producers: Year in Review

In this final episode of Youth Producers for the year, the students take us through some of their favorite projects they worked on this year and what they are looking forward to doing next year with the Youth Producers Club.

FCTV Youth Producers Animation

The FCTV Youth Producers' first animation project!

FCTV Youth Producers: White House Student Film Festival Submission

The FCTV Youth Producers give a behind the scenes demonstration of how they make their videos.

FCTV Youth Producers VS Wild

The Youth Producers face the wild woods behind FCTV!