Workshop Catalog

At Falmouth Community Television, we have a variety of classes you can take! For a calendar view of our classes, click here.


This one-hour session is offered each month to all new members and open to the public. It is mandatory for anyone wanting to take other training or use FCTV facilities.

Intro to Studio Production

In this four-session course, participants learn how to produce studio television programs with little or no post-production needed. Hands-on instruction includes all the basics required to produce a multi-camera television show: camera and control room operations, audio, lighting, technical and floor directing and basic directing.

DSLR Video*

This one-session course guides participants through the setup and proper operation of DSLR cameras for video production. Instruction includes: proper lens selection, choosing appropriate settings, determining depth of field, light adjustments, audio recording and more. *Fee: FCTV members free, $35 non-members 

Robotic Camera Studio

In this two-session course, participants learn the multi-camera robotic studio. This course includes all the skills needed to produce basic studio productions including graphics, audio mixing, camera composition and directing.

Event Camera

This one-session course guides participants through the setup and proper operation of cameras, converters, and intercoms for multi-camera field productions.

Studio Camera

This one-session course provides instruction in the use of FCTV's studio cameras and covers director's commands, floor managing, basic composition, and proper camera operation.


This one-session course demonstrates how to use Apple’s Motion application to create animated and attention-getting titles and transitions. *Fee: FCTV members free, $35 non-members

Intro to iPad*

This one-session seminar explores Apple's iPad and covers frequently asked questions about apps, networking, and synchronization with other devices. *Fee: $15 FCTV members; $50 non-members


This one-session seminar guides participants through creating an engaging crowdfunding campaign. This class covers setting up an account, producing a pitch video, creating incentives and promoting the campaign via social media. *Fee: $15 FCTV members; $50 non-members.

Intro to Computers*

In this one-hour seminar, participants learn basic computer skills. Topics incude: running computer applications, common computer operations, file organization, web-browsing, and using email. *Fee: $15 FCTV members; $50 non-members


In this one-session seminar, participants learn how to use and integrate Google Apps (G-Suite) into their daily workflow by using Google Drive, Google Calendar, YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, etc. Prerequisite: None *Fee: $15 for FCTV members, $50 for non-members

EMAIL Marketing*

Participants learn how to effectively and safely use promotional email systems such as Constant Contact. Topics include the ethical use of email addresses, improving open rates, integrating graphics, photos, video, and effective writing. *Fee: $15 FCTV members, $50 non-members

Mobile Video

This one-session course instructs participants on how to optimize visual communications, reviewing best practices and the use of popular production applications, including how to edit and upload videos. Prerequisite: Orientation and Membership

2D Animation*

In this two-session course, participants learn to use the new MoHo Studio Pro to create their own digital 2D animation, using a combination of drawing and computer skills. Prerequisite: Orientation

*Fee: $30 FCTV members, $65 non-members

3D Animation*

In this two-session course, participants learn to create and animate objects in a 3D environment using the open source Blender modeling application. Prerequisite: Orientation *Fee: $30 FCTV members, $65 non-members

Smartphone Photography*

Participants learn how to take better pictures using cell phones and enhance them using a variety of editing apps. Course also includes instruction on how to share and print images while keeping them safe. *Fee: $15 FCTV members, $50 non-members

Vacation Animation Camp*

February and April Vacation Animation Camps: Participants will be making short animated videos using a variety of stop-motion techniques. Prerequisite: None *Fee: $85 FCTV members, $120 non-members.

FEBRUARY: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Feb 18-21, 9:00am-Noon, Ages 6-9; 1:00-4:00pm, Ages 10-14

APRIL: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, April 21-24, 9:00am-Noon, Ages 6-9; 1:00-4:00pm, Ages 10-14

Youth Producers Club

FCTV’s afterschool program for kids teaches valuable lessons in media literacy and television production. Children learn teamwork and critical thinking skills as they form crews and make their own programs to be cablecast on one of FCTV’s channels. For more information, email Production & Education Coordinator, Allen Russell:

Winter session starts Tuesday, January 14!