Zoning Board of Appeals September 12, 2013 part 2 of 2

Zoning Board of Appeals September 12, 2013 part 2 of 2

Town of Falmouth
Zoning Board of Appeals

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AGENDA (Revised)
September 12, 2013 6:00 PM
Board of Appeals Hearings & Open Meeting
Selectmen’s Meeting Room – Town Hall

6:00 PM: Continuations:

#68-13 – Open Cape Corp. (KF, SZ, PJ, DH, MC)
#53-13 -TRI 40B Comp Perm – 55 Stephens Lane, Falmouth, MA

Public Hearings:

Application No: 70-13 - Peter M. and Laura M. Annicelli, 471 Central Avenue, East Falmouth
Special Permit and/or Modification of Special Permit No. 11-12 to construct a two level open porch, enclose an existing covered porch, and modify front step and door on the rear dwelling structure

Application No: 72-13 - Catherine DeChellis, 9 Amherst Avenue, Falmouth, MA
Remove existing detached garage, construct add’n and deck to dwelling, add shed

Application No: 74-13 - Wendy Johnson, 328 John Parker Rd., East Falmouth
Special Permit pursuant to construct a second floor addition to create a master bedroom

Application No: 78-13 - Myrna Blakeney, 21 Ox Bow Rd., East Falmouth, MA
Special Permit to allow an accessory apartment to be created within the garage of the single-family dwelling

Application No: 69-13 -Barry and Diane Funfar - Appeal of the Building Commissioner’s determination regarding Wind 1 and Wind 2 (Town wind turbines)

1. Minutes of August 22, 2013
2. Administrative Approval determination – 22 Dartmouth #59-12
3. Status of Bylaw Review
4. Discuss Items for Future Agenda

The Board reserves the right, by vote, to take items on the above Agenda out of order.
Next Scheduled Meeting will be 9/26/2013 Meeting at 6:30 PM – Selectmen’s Meeting Room.