Zoning Board of Appeals October 2, 2014

Zoning Board of Appeals October 2, 2014

Town of Falmouth
Zoning Board of Appeals

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AGENDA (Amended)
October 2, 2014 – 6:30 PM
Board of Appeals Hearings & Open Meeting
Selectmen’s Meeting Room – Town Hall

6:30 PM:
Continuations: None

Public Hearings:

#71-14 - Spring Spectrum Realty Co, 210 Nathan S. Ellis Highway, Hatchville, MA
Modification of Special Permit 54-03 to add three additional panel antennas, three remote radio heads and one hybrid cable line onto existing monopole

#72-14 - Haverty, 30 Otis Street, North Falmouth, MA
Special Permit to increase the below grade garage, construct a deck and remove existing steps and portion of dwelling structure.

#73-14 - Stimpson, 176 Grand Avenue, Falmouth, MA
Special Permit to construct an addition to the second floor of the 1.5 story, two bedroom, single-family dwelling

#75-14 - Park, 6 Pondlet Place, Falmouth, MA
Special Permit to construct a one-car garage in the front yard no closer than 50’ to the front property line with living space on the second floor and to convert shed attached to the pre-existing nonconforming single-family dwelling into a closet
Open Meeting:
1. Minutes – September 25, 2014
2. Board Administrative Approval Request – Lafferty - #67-14, 50 Waquoit Landing Road
3. Future Agenda Items
4. General Code Update
5. Correspondence – Board Comment

The Board reserves the right, by vote, to take items on the above Agenda out of order.
Next Scheduled Meeting will be 10/16/2014 Meeting at 5:30 PM – Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Agenda 10/2/2014 – 9/30/14-3:30 pm