Pet Adoption Spotlight: Regan

Regan, a 6-year old puggle (pug-beagle cross), has been having a great time with his foster mom and his foster brother, a German shepherd. The family cat is another matter entirely, but he is learning to give her space. Regan loves humans and is very fond of kissing. He plays fetch and loves to sit beside you chewing on a tennis ball. He even has a great parlor trick in which he carries two tennis balls in his mouth at the same time! He loves to play with sticks, chasing them and jumping up to grab them. He bonds quickly and loves to give kisses. We are working on leash manners, as Regan tends to pull on leash. He can also be protective of his toys if other dogs are present, but is quickly learning the outand leave itcommands which are really useful not only for dealing with toys, but with other attractive nuisances. He is a smart, eager-to-please dog who would fit in with any family looking for an energetic companion. Another plus is he doesn’t howl! He can be seen by appointment. If you think Regan is perfect for your active family, please call us at 508-548-7742 to set up a time to meet him.