Falmouth Is Cooking - Ep. 7

As Culinary Director of Highfield Hall & Gardens, Gail Blakely has been teaching cooking and writing about food for almost 30 years. She is best known as the longtime food writer for The Enterprise newspapers, where her column, Gourmets and Good Eaters, is published weekly. Gail is an artisan bread baker who is passionate about sharing her knowledge regarding all things culinary with others. We are excited to have Gail as host of FCTV's newest cooking show, Falmouth Is Cooking.

In Episode seven, Gail brings in guest, Jenny Shea Rawn, registered Dietitian, wife and mom with a love for the ocean, passion for eating, cooking and learning about local seafood and a thirst for knowledge about life under, on and by the sea.

The recipes for Episode 7: download here.