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The Gallery at FCTV - A photographic mix

As part of our effort to support the local creative economy during the pandemic, FCTV presents The Virtual Gallery at FCTV featuring the work of artists from the Cape and surrounding areas.

This month The Gallery at FCTV presents "A Photographic Mix" featuring work by Mark Chester, Robert Manz, and Lisa Jo Rudy.

Lisa Jo Rudy is an iPhone artist whose award-winning works have appeared in juried shows throughout Cape Cod and in Southeastern Massachusetts, including the Cape Cod Museum of Art. A Juried Artist at the Cape Cod Art Association, Lisa teaches classes in iPhone photography and digital arts in Falmouth and Barnstable art centers. Lisa's work explores the juxtaposition between the real and the fantastical and delves into the impact of composition, color, and texture on mood and emotional impact. Over the past few years, Lisa has begun working with clients to create custom works featuring locations on Cape Cod and portraits of individuals and families.

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Robert Manz is a fine art photographer working in natural light. He lives in Bourne and has a studio in Pocasset.

Memento - Ten recent photographs by Robert Manz printed by Robert on various media in color and black and white. Prices on request. #7 is not for sale. Any proceeds from sales will be donated to FCTV in memory of Deborah McDonnell.

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Mark Chester has been a professional photographer from 1972 to the present. He was director of photography and staff photographer at ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), in New York City, prior to relocating in 1975 to California. Chester became a permanent Cape Cod resident, settling in Woods Hole in 2002.

His photographs and/or feature stories have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, Christian Science Monitor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kansas City Star, Denver Post, Prime Time Magazine, Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Magazine, Cape Cod Life, among others.

Chester’s photographs are in permanent museum collections, including Baltimore, Brooklyn, Denver, Portland (ME), San Francisco, Springfield (MA), Cape Cod Museum of Art, American University Art Museum, and other institutions.

His images have been exhibited nationwide in galleries, including O.K. Harris (New York City), Camera Obscura (Colorado), Panopticon (Boston), and San Francisco International Airport as well as in galleries in Japan, Vietnam, London, and alternative exhibition spaces.

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