Falmouth Community Television (FCTV)  is committed to keeping employees, members and visitors safe. One of the main ways to ensure this is by encouraging everyone to stay home if they are sick. 

Anyone entering our facilities must be fully vaccinated and wear a face mask.

      Only high quality masks including N95, KN95, KF94 and surgical type masks (worn tight to the face with no gaps) are permitted. If you would like to wear a cloth mask over one of these that is also permitted.

Please remember that this information is subject to change.


FCTV members and guests may access FCTV by appointment during the following hours:

Monday 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Tuesday through Thursday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
Sunday: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM


In compliance with these protocols. FCTV is open by-appointment only.

While FCTV remains by-appointment only, the front door will be locked at all times.


For anyone entering our facilities, we will require a one-time proof of a physical vaccination card, a photo of a vaccination card, or other proof from a patient portal or similar platform, that shows proof of FULL vaccination (fully vaccinated occurs two weeks after receiving the second dose of the two-dose vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) or two weeks after the single-dose (J & J) vaccine and booster shot as recommended by the CDC when eligible). FCTV will follow any updated CDC guidance on what is required to be considered fully vaccinated.

  • Please upload documentation to THIS SECURE SHAREFILE FOLDER  - OR - have your documentation ready to show when you arrive on site. If you choose to verify in person, we ask that you arrive 5-10 mins early to process and complete check-in. 
    • Please know that proof of vaccination will NOT be stored after we process information.
    • Once your vaccination status has been verified, you are no longer required to fill out the FCTV Health Attestation for facility entry. 
  • If you are NOT fully vaccinated or do not intend to get vaccinated, please know that we will continue to provide as much CHOICE and ACCESS to our programming as realistically possible for our Members including curbside field equipment check-out, online classes and free cloud based edit software through DaVinci Resolve.


  • If you have been told to quarantine, please do not come to FCTV.
  • A face covering is required at all times within the facility. The only exception is when there is a single staff member in their own office or under the stated guidelines for on-air production talent.  We will no longer allow cloth masks as a sole means of face covering. N95, KN95, KF94 and surgical type masks (worn tight to the face with no gaps) are permitted.  If you would like to wear a cloth mask over one of these that is fine as well.
  • If you are not willing or unable to wear a face covering, entry is not permitted. If on-site, you will be asked to leave. Face coverings must be worn correctly - covering the nose and mouth and clean and free of rips or tears. Approved face coverings can be found at the CDC SITEGaiter type masks are not permitted. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available at the main entrance and throughout the facility. Immediately upon entry sanitize your hands. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently throughout your time at FCTV.
  • Monitor your health. If you feel at all sick - (feverish, sore throat, cough, nausea, short of breath, loss of smell, stomach ache, etc.) please stay home. Since cold, flu and allergy symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19, you must not enter FCTV if you are experiencing any of the symptoms noted above.
  • We kindly ask that you help us keep the facility clean. Please wipe down equipment using a provided disinfectant. Staff members will also sanitize facility spaces and equipment before and after use. 
  • FCTV’s cleaning service comes weekly. We ask that you assist us in maintaining clean restrooms. We have installed automatic systems in each bathroom. Please wash your hands well after using the restroom by  following CDC Guidelines of washing for at least 20 seconds, rinsing and drying well.  After washing hands, please use a paper towel to exit the restroom and dispose of it in the receptacle outside the restrooms. Please dispose of all trash appropriately - ONLY toilet paper is to be placed in the toilet.
  • If following your time at FCTV you are notified that you’ve been in close contact with anyone known to have tested positive for COVID-19, or who If is presumed positive because of symptoms, you must email the Director of Operations, Bob Fenstermaker at Bob@fctv.org and Lorre-jo Joyce at Officemgr@fctv.org to assist with contact tracing protocol.


  • Members and staff are welcome to use the outdoor tables located around the building for meetings. Please sanitize the tables both prior to and after use. Please dispose of all trash appropriately. 


  • Field equipment is available by appointment only.
  • To make a reservation, email Bob@fctv.org or call 508-457-0800 extension 102. Please copy Allen@fctv.org on all requests.
  • Please arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled pick-up and drop-off time.
  • Call Bob Fenstermaker or Allen Russell at 508-457-0800 to inform them you have arrived or ring the video doorbell located to the right of the main entrance. 
  • Follow staff instructions to pick-up or drop-off. 


Reservations require 48 hours notice, and must be made by filling out this form.  

If you are having difficulty using the online reservation form, contact Bob Fenstermaker, Director of Operations at Bob@fctv.org or call 508-457-0800, extension 103. In Bob’s absence, contact Allen Russell, Allen@fctv.org, ext. 105.

Information required for reservations:

  • Your Full Name and date of request
  • The Name of your Production/Show
  • What Production Space (Studio A, Studio B, Edit Lab, Edit Suite. Animation Suite, Audio Booth, Podcasting) or Remote Kit you wish to reserve (Camcorder Kit, Microphones)
  • Reservation time/date
  • The names, phone number and email address of anyone that will be accompanying you

The Gallery at FCTV

If you would like to visit The Gallery at FCTV, please email Tony Sadera at tony@fctv.org or call 508-457-0800 x103 to make an appointment.

Please upload proof of vaccination to THIS SECURE SHAREFILE FOLDER  - OR - have your CDC card, photo of card or Massachusetts COVID-19 SMART Health Card ready to show when you arrive on site.


Currently, no more than 40 people are permitted in the building at any one time (not including staff). This number will be evaluated on a weekly basis. 

Exceptions to the number of individuals may be requested and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

  • To gain entry, ring the video doorbell located to the right of the front door.
  • Only those with appointments, who have proof of vaccination will be permitted entry. 
  • If you do not have an appointment but have paperwork or small items to drop-off, there is a drop-box located to the right of the front door. 
  • Please check in at the reception desk, the desk staff will sign you in.

Conference Rooms

  • Conference Room 1 (located in the front of the building) is available for use by FCTV members.
  • Conference Room 2 (located in the back of the building) is currently for use by staff only.

Studio A

  • Face coverings must be worn when entering and exiting the studio. 
  • On-camera talent may remove their face coverings once they are seated and have their microphones placed. On-camera talent not wearing face coverings must remain a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Studio B

  • Face coverings are required to be worn at all times. On-air talent may remove their face coverings once their crew member is at least 6-feet distanced. 

Training Lab

  • Edit computers are available for use, please clean hands prior to using and discuss any additional cleaning protocals with staff.

Edit Suite

  • Edit computers are available for use, please clean hands prior to using and discuss any additional cleaning protocals with staff.

Sound Booth

  • A disposable cover will be placed on the microphone. Please remove and properly dispose of the cover when done.
  • Talent may remove their face covering in order to do their recording. When recording is complete, the face covering must be placed back on.
  • Only two (2) FCTV members or staff are permitted in the Sound Booth at any one time. If the member is a minor, one parent or guardian may accompany them. 

Animation Lab

  • The Animation Lab is available for use, please clean hands prior to using and discuss any additional cleaning protocals with staff.

Production Van

  • Everyone in the FCTV Production Van must wear face coverings at all times.


If while inside the facility, you encounter someone without a face mask improperly secured, please encourage them to re-secure their mask properly, ensuring that both the nose and mouth are covered. 

In the event that a conflict should arise, please do not force the issue. Disengage immediately and alert the Director of Operations or another staff member.  

Anyone who deliberately flaunts our safety guidance will be asked to leave, and their membership will be suspended.


In the event of a reported case of Covid-like symptoms among individuals that have entered FCTV, staff will alert anyone known to have been in the building up to 48-hours prior to the date of that report. While respecting anonymity, we ask that the reporting member take the following steps:

1. Self-isolate. Remove yourself from the FCTV community immediately, and until a negative Covid-19 test is provided.

2. Get tested. If you think you are exhibiting signs of Covid-19, get tested. Report the results of your test confidentially to Lorre-jo Joyce at Officemgr@fctv.org and Bob Fenstermaker at Bob@fctv.org or call 508-457-0800. 

In the meantime we will:

1. Request that the reporting member complete a brief questionnaire by email, recording their access and use of the facility prior to the report. We will also ask that they voluntarily disclose any suspected contact with other members.

2. Conduct a 48-hour audit of our sign-in records from the last date of entry by the member who has reported illness.

3. Contact all members for whom we recorded overlapping access to the facility, and alert that they may be at risk of a Covid-19 contact.

4. Provide one-on-one and group follow-up alerts to at-risk members as important details emerge, including the results of testing.

Massachusetts and Falmouth Departments of Public Health
MA Contact information: (617) 624-6000
Falmouth Contact Information: (508) 495-7485