Geoff Wyman

Goverment Access Coordinator

Geoff Wyman has worked in video production for over 15 years for various organizations all around the country.  After graduating from The University at Buffalo with a B.A. in Documentary Film and another B.S. in Sociology he immediately took a head camera position for a company based in Buffalo, NY. 

While there, Geoff, worked with many organizations from California to Boston producing live productions on stage as well as handling video needs for large conferences across the United States.  In his tenure he has worked with many talented individuals in the video, sound and lighting production industry and has had the opportunity to work with many well known people like former President Clinton, former First Lady Laura Bush, Ann Coulter, Wolf Blitzer, Senator Patrick Leahy (Chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee), Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Peter Welch and many more. 

In 2005, Geoff moved back to his original home, Vermont, and worked with The Center for Media and Democracy Government Channel 17 in Burlington.  After helping run an education program there and managing post-production eventually he moved up the ranks and became Director of Channel 17, managing content, staff, board of trustees, producing video, producing live election coverage and election debates. 

His roots in government media and transparency run deep.  Geoff, in 2012, left Vermont once again to live on beautiful Cape Cod and bring media and democracy to Falmouth and Barnstable County as Falmouth Community Television's Government Access Coordinator.