A Special Message from FCTV

All of us at Falmouth Community Television wish you a very Happy Holiday and safe New Year. We are grateful for your support and are committed to rewarding that support with the very best in services, equipment, training and local programming.

The Town of Falmouth is a vibrant community with many cultural, political and athletic events that take place everywhere from Fuller Field at the Gus Canty Center to the lawns of Peg Noonan Park, from the Lawrence School Auditorium to the corner of Grand Avenue and Central Park in Falmouth Heights. We know many of you turn to FCTV to stay connected to all of the happenings that make this town what it is.

The 1989 Dodge Ram van, retired in 2013.After years of chugging along in our old 1989 Dodge Ram, then borrowed or rented vehicles to transport and stage our multi-camera production systems, and after months of staff research and deliberations, our Board of Directors approved the acquisition and customization of a new mobile production vehicle. This vehicle, once outfitted, will greatly expand and enhance our ability to provide quality coverage to these events.

This year during our Annual Appeal, we are asking for contributions to offset the cost of the purchase and outfitting of this new vehicle. We consider this acquisition to be a valuable community resource and are determined to provide the kind of asset that the entire town can be proud of. By making a donation to FCTV, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, you can be an integral part of this project.

Dodge Promaster at FCTV before outfitting.On Wednesday, December 16th, FCTV received the base vehicle, a high-top Dodge Promaster (shown above). On January 2nd, it will go to American Automotive Aftermarket in Billerica where the customizations will begin to convert the van into a fully functioning mobile production vehicle.

Once that is complete, a graphic wrap with our logo will complete the look. A few more purchases by FCTV will ensure this vehicle is entirely self-contained and ready for use throughout Falmouth. With our HD multi-camera system in place, FCTV will be the first community media center on Cape Cod to have its own fully equipped mobile production vehicle.

Soon, with your help, this exciting new community resource will be seen throughout Falmouth in use covering the many happenings our citizens have come to rely on us to cover such as the finish line of the Falmouth Road Race, on the sidelines at Falmouth Commodore games, by the bandshell at Marina Park, at municipal meetings, Veterans and Memorial Day remembrances and more.

This acquisition opens up a world of possibilities and is an exciting and highly visible new aspect to FCTV's commitment to service. We hope you'll be part of it. Please consider making your tax-deductible year-end donation and join us as we roll into a new day at FCTV!

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