About Sponsorship

Supporting Friends

FCTV welcomes the financial contributions of anyone who wants to support our services and programs without becoming directly involved in production.

Such support is critical to our financial viability, since Active Membership dues are kept artificially low to insure that FCTV's facilities remain accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of their own financial resources.

Unlike Active Membership, participation in FCTV's Supporting Friends program is not restricted to Falmouth residents, taxpayers, and organizations. Anyone may become a Supporting Friend of FCTV by making a contribution in any amount. As a way of thanking Friends for their support, FCTV offers special benefits attached to different levels of contributions.

Program Underwriters

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations, and Associations may also elect to underwrite the production of specific community television programs or program series at Falmouth Community Television including Falmouth Town Meeting Live, the Village Green, FCTV's Live Coverage of the New Balance Falmouth Road Race, and Live Coverage of Selectmen's Meetings. These donations are a great way for your organization to reach specific audiences and increase its visibility in the community; at the same time, your contributions help to increase the production quality of the underwritten program(s) and make FCTV's dollars go farther. Underwriting donations may take the form of cash or in-kind donations of materials or services.

All program underwriting donations are also credited in full towards your becoming a Supporting Friend of FCTV, which translates to more benefits and more visibility for you in recognition of your vital support of FCTV's efforts to deliver professional services and quality programming to the Falmouth community.

Whatever your level of support and/or participation, we welcome your contributions to FCTV's continuing efforts to encourage the Falmouth community's fullest participation in creating and cablecasting high-quality, non-commercial programming by and for the people of Falmouth. After all, FCTV is YOUR television training and production facility, and YOUR Public Access Channel 13. We welcome your participation, your support, and your feedback. Please do not hesitate to call us at (508) 457-0800 or email info@fctv.org.