February 2018 Animation Camp

Winter 2018 Animation Camp

During this three-day camp children will create their own stop-motion animation project. Through teamwork and collaboration, the kids create their own story and characters for the animation, and finish their production by adding music, voices, and special effects to create their own digital masterpiece that will be showcased on Public Channel 13.

Pitch It! at FCTV

Do you have a show idea, but you need a crew? Or maybe you just want to brainstorm with other members? Pitch your show using our Google form, and we'll give you feedback and share it with members who are certified in field and/or studio production. It's a great way to collaborate and find members who want to work with you on your show!

FCTV Exclusives - No Guff Week

For over a decade now, Falmouth High School has set aside time for what they call “No Guff Week” - created to promote positive empowerment among students. In this next piece we hear from retired FHS counselor Greg Gilbert and VIPS Director Tracey Crago about this impactful initiative.

Friday, February 2, 2018