Stop the FCC from defunding PEG Channels

Dear Friends:

As you may have heard, the FCC is proposing to redefine what a "franchise fee" is and it will significantly reduce the level of monetary support available to run FCTV and other PEG access channels across the country.

FCTV and other local access channels provide government coverage that allows transparency so citizens can monitor local government actions - ensuring a more informed electorate. In Falmouth, FCTV provides live, unedited, gavel-to-gavel coverage of Town Meeting, and all meetings of the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Water Quality Management Committee, and many other important town meetings, hearings, and functions.

In addition, organizations like FCTV also provide local content in communities that are not served by the broadcast industry and are increasingly under-served by corporate media companies. We help prevent "media deserts" in towns and cities across the US and ensure diversity of opinion at the local level.

We're now asking Congress to stop the FCC from trying to re-write the 1984 Cable Act to financially starve local communities and our PEG channels in its rule-making (Docket NR 05-311). You can help by petitioning the members of Congress who represent you and asking them to oppose the FCC changes.

Use this link: to contact your representative and senators.

You can learn more about the proposed changes by clicking here.

Please help us by letting your Congressman and Senators know that you support your local PEG channels. We thank you for your help!