November at the Maser Gallery

November at the Maser Gallery

Artwork by Leo Lechtenberg and Doreen Kelly will be on display at the Maser Gallery at Falmouth Community Television from October 30 through December 1, 2016. The public is invited to attend the Opening Reception: Sunday, October 30, from 3:00-5:00 pm.

Leo Lechtenberg paints in oils, acrylics, watercolor and transparent polyester resin. While supporting his family in various careers  - teaching high school, directing university campus ministry, designing automobiles and consumer products - Leo has consistently painted wherever he lived – Detroit, Upper Michigan, along the Mississippi in Wisconsin, Italy and Bolivia.

“In art, as in life, I have sought the subtle smoldering spark that lies in the heart of things.  I believe it is hidden in every thing - every face and facet of nature. It’s the faint burning from the inside, behind the curtain, disguised. I try with strokes of color to give some hint of the warm golden light that is seeking release,” explains Leo.  “It’s the pulse in things that some call God. I’ve painted six foot by eight foot canvas “veils”, poured resins into “stained” windows, and recently done small dioramas lit from inside.  I want to weave light into brush strokes that make our eyes relinquish their sadness, turn a little brighter, and give our own light to the darkness.”

Leo’s work has been exhibited at the Woodruff Gallery, Rice Gallery, Cotuit Center for the Arts, the Falmouth Artists Guild, the Cape Conservatory in Falmouth, and Coffee Obsession in Woods Hole. His watercolors were featured on the Last Word page of Cape Cod Magazine in 2013.

Doreen Kelly is a native of Albany, NY who fell in love with Cape Cod in the 1960’s. She is a graduate of the College of Saint Rose and received her master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts. After spending 30 years teaching elementary school and working at the Office of Technology in the Boston Public Schools, she was appointed principal of the Cottage Street Elementary in Sharon, MA where she served for 10 years.

Following college, she moved from a summer job on Cape Cod to Boston and shortly thereafter became a summer and weekend “Falmouth regular.” Doreen enjoyed painting and sketching since childhood, but work commitments gave her little time to pursue her interest and never allowed her time for any kind of instruction. Then, in the 70’s, she found time to paint the beaches and marshes of the Falmouth area. She became part of Edie Bruce’s Falmouth Artist Guild plein air group on Wednesday morning. Each fall she returned to teaching, despite the urging of the painting group to join them on their Maine autumn painting trips. Before her retirement in 2003, Doreen could only dream of painting again. When she retired, she was determined to carve out time from her many volunteer activities to paint again. She joined Diane Lee at the Falmouth Community School who inspired her to expand her reach and attempt more challenging paintings of the Falmouth scene. Her transition from oil to pastel happened in the last two years when she took courses with Betsy Payne Cook at the Falmouth Artists Guild. 

This is Doreen’s first show. In the past year, she has entered some of her paintings in member’s exhibits at the Falmouth Art Center. “I love that painting allows me to grow and learn and yet be happy with what I’ve accomplished so far,” she says.

Maser Gallery Exhibit Hours: Sun-Mon: 2-10 p.m.; Tue-Wed-Thu: 10-10 p.m.; Fri: 10-6 p.m. Sat: Closed


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