A Message from Barbara Kanellopoulos, President of FCTV's Board of Directors

Dear Friends,

The things that are close to us and most familiar are often the things we take for granted. I once felt that way about FCTV. After many years of producing public programs and witnessing FCTV’s evolution from small TV station to full-service media center, I came to see it as a solid, permanent part of the landscape, like Town Hall and the library.

My complacent viewpoint shifted a few months ago. 

I was invited to host, via Zoom, a gathering of people in celebration of Community Media Day. Falmouth churches, schools, various organizations, town government, and businesses were represented. Volunteers who help make FCTV programs possible also joined in. Throughout the meeting, I heard from those present countless heartfelt expressions of gratitude for the critical role FCTV plays in their lives. People spoke of their reliance on FCTV for virtual church services, for timely information about the spread of COVID, for local news, for official meetings, and for entertainment. 

A common theme was evident in the stories told by these notable members of the community: We need FCTV’s continuing focus on the local scene to stay informed, to stay connected.

What I heard that evening was deeply moving. It also made me realize that FCTV is an essential town resource, too important to be taken for granted. Without strong community support, there’s no guarantee that it will always be here for us, especially in these uncertain times.

As much as we need FCTV, it needs us.

Please show your support for FCTV by making a donation. 

A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the FCTV Board of Directors, we wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Kanellopoulos
President, Falmouth Community Television Board of Directors