June 2018 at Maser Gallery

June 2018 at the Maser Gallery

Artwork by Jason Eldredge will be on display at the Maser Gallery from June 3 through June 28, 2018. The public is invited to an opening reception on Sunday, June 3, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

Jason Eldredge grew up on Martha’s Vineyard. “Even though I now reside on Cape Cod, going from island to sand bar, the ocean, the fog, and extremes in quiet and mayhem still drive me,” says Jason, a self-taught artist who works primarily in oils. “I've painted since I was a young kid. My first paint set were the paints from a paint-by-number kit. I never used the boards but used the paints on the heaviest paper I could find.”

When one views Jason’s colorful, intense painting style, it is no wonder that one of his lifelong influences has been Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Of his other inspirations he says, “I'd say the Latin American Muralist and the Regionalist Movements have also helped to shape my work. They were both more concerned with scope of place and ideas rather than a snapshot or exact representation of a location.”

The desire for honest expression has shaped the way Jason paints. “I usually start with a number of sketches. I prefer this over photography because there is an editing that takes place between eye mind and hand. I then take sketches to canvas and rearrange, not for perspective but for a composition. Whatever was important grows, and often, people who introduced themselves into my day are introduced into the painting’s composition. I then go back to paint en plein air which I find helps me harmonize colors and texture.”

Jason is a Trustee of the Cahoon Museum of American Art, a member of the Copley Society and the Cape Cod Art Association. He has exhibited at notable venues throughout Massachusetts and is the recipient of numerous artistic awards, including Best of Show at the Cape Cod Art Association.

Maser Gallery Exhibit Hours: Sunday 12-8 pm; Monday, 2-10 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 -10 pm; Friday 10-6 pm; Saturday, Closed.