January 2020 at the Gallery at FCTV

January 2020 at the Gallery at FCTV

Artwork by David Rogers will be on display at the Gallery at FCTV from December 8, 2019 through February 5, 2020. 

David Rogers has been a resident of North Falmouth for the past 23 years. Originally from Greenfield Massachusetts, he took an interest in art at an early age. In elementary school, he started doing graphite portraits and through the years, began working in charcoal and pastels. “I set out at a very young age to capture the likeness of the faces of people of significance or influence in my life at that time,” says David. “I still recall the satisfaction found in each new drawing tool I’d discover. In fact, I still own the original oil pastel set in its beautiful wooden box my sister gave me back in the mid-1960s.”  David has now begun applying his passion to the oil painting medium. Of this journey he says, “I’m always learning the use of new tools, their effects, their limits. Seeking out the colors as they really are and the spaces they help create. Study what I see, not what I think I should see. Preconception is a deceptive muse.”

David received many awards for his portrait work at his hometown Franklin County Agricultural Fair exhibitions throughout the 1970s and 1980s. “In my portraits I would always seek out the soul of each subject,” David explains. “It's there - in their eyes.” David’s original goal was to teach himself the oil painting medium and apply it to portraiture. But as he continued to pick subjects to practice with, he found himself drawn to the off-seasons - the moodier, less common side of Cape scenery.

His work has been accepted into juried shows at the Falmouth Art Center where he is a member. As a member of the Falmouth Art Center’s Monday Morning Painters, he has exhibited at Mashpee Community Television and in the gallery of the new Bus Depot in Falmouth.

This will be David’s first individual show at the Gallery at FCTV, having exhibited twice at the former Maser Gallery.

The Gallery at FCTV is located within the new Falmouth Community Media Center, which is at 310 Dillingham Ave., easily accessible by Rose Morin Lane. The new entrance is located on the opposite side of the old FCTV and Maser Gallery building.

Gallery Exhibit Hours: Sunday 12-8 pm; Monday, 2-10 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 -10 pm; Friday 10-6 pm; Saturday, Closed.