January 2019 at Maser Gallery

January 2019 at the Maser Gallery

Art by Michelle (Shelly) McDermott will be on display at the Maser Gallery from January 6 through January 31, 2019. The public is invited to a reception on Sunday, January 6, from 1:30 – 3:30 pm.

After 25 years as an elementary and middle school teacher, Shelly McDermott retired to Cape Cod a few years ago in order to pursue her creative passions. Earlier in her career, she attended art school and over the years has taken courses and workshops in new mediums to develop her abilities. She has worked in acrylic, watercolor, and now alcohol ink. “When I attended a workshop and discovered alcohol ink painting, my heart leapt for joy at the vibrant colors of this medium,” says Shelly. “I am in love with alcohol ink! It is not an easy medium to work with, as it wants to move and flow on its own. The process of learning to control this medium to create a realistic portrayal of nature is a challenge I have embraced.”

Shelly paints on tile, Yupo paper, vinyl, watercolor paper, aluminum sheets and canvas. Among her many talents, she also creates jewelry, ornaments, decorative boxes and vases, and is a former potter adept at wheel-throwing, hand-building and Raku techniques, which she also taught.

“Nature is what inspires me to recreate the visions I have experienced,” explains Shelly. “During my hikes along shorelines and forest trails, I take photographs of birds, water, and landscapes.” She then uses the photos and sketches to bring realism and details to her watercolor and alcohol ink paintings. Both of these mediums allow her the freedom to express and share the magic of nature’s colors, textures, and changing shapes.

Shelly is a juried, exhibiting member of the Falmouth Artists Guild and True Grit Gallery in Middleboro. This is her first solo show at the Maser Gallery.

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