February 2020 at the Gallery at FCTV

February 2020 at the Gallery at FCTV

Artwork by Tara Vargas Wallace will be on display at the Gallery at FCTV from February 9 through March 4, 2020. The public is invited to an Opening Reception on Sunday, February 9, from 3-5pm.

Originally from the Bronx, New York, Tara Vargas Wallace has lived on Cape Cod for 22 years and has dedicated her life to social advocacy and case management by working in social service agencies including Independence House, Housing Assistance Corporation, and the Department of Transitional Assistance. To further her activism, Wallace also serves on multiple boards within the area including People Against Trafficking Humans, Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC), and Barnstable’s No Place for Hate. Most recently, Wallace joined the Cape Cod Commission on the Status of Women, where she will be responsible for studying, reviewing, and reporting on the status of women in the Commonwealth, and is charged with advising executive and legislative bodies on the effect of proposed legislation on women.

Along with her busy career, Wallace is also an abstract liquid artist. With her bold and vivid pieces, which she creates under the moniker Artistry by Tara, she has not only found a therapeutic outlet as she tackles the many human rights issues that exist within the community, but for her own trauma as well. For Wallace, painting allows her to reflect and channel her feelings from within and cope with the atrocities of the human experience while continuing to be of service to others with humility and grace. “My exhibit is focused on life and color because that is what inspires me the most,” Wallace said. By embracing the fluid freedom of abstract liquid art, she has been able to let her creativity flow through mesmerizing movement. “Abstract liquid art is organic and has a calming effect on me – and others. Whatever ends up on the canvas comes from my intuition and is a reflection of my own truth.”

The artist sees the exhibit, which will hang during Black History Month, as an opportunity to highlight what Black History Month is all about and can give credence to the many nationalities that reside on the Cape. “My hope is that this show will impact people of color in the Cape community by allowing more diverse points of view to be displayed and appreciated,” she explains. “As a Puerto Rican woman, it’s important to me that we recognize the central and critical roles that people of color have played throughout the history of Cape Cod.”

This is the first time Wallace will exhibit “Life and Color,” which she hopes will motivate attendees to embrace their own creativity and connection to the Cape. “The goal for this show is to evoke feeling and a connection to yourself as well as to your community,” she said. “To captivate you in the moment and speak to whatever is inside of you – whether that’s the vibrant, timeless, universal echo of love, or feelings of loss, joy, fear, pride and pain. It’s whatever is in your heart.”

The Gallery at FCTV is located within the new Falmouth Community Media Center, which is at 310 Dillingham Ave., easily accessible by Rose Morin Lane. The new entrance is located on the opposite side of the old FCTV and Maser Gallery building.

Gallery Exhibit Hours: Sunday 12-8 pm; Monday, 2-10 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 -10 pm; Friday 10-6 pm; Saturday, Closed.