FCTV Member Wins National Award

Longtime Falmouth Community Television member Marilyn Rowland recently won a national Hometown Media Award from the Alliance for Community Media for her program “Restoring My African Soul with Robin Joyce Miller.” The forty-three minute show won the category of “Cultural Perspectives - Independent Producer.”  

The Alliance for Community Media represents more than 3,000 public, educational and governmental access organizations across the country. The Hometown Media awards, considered the “Emmy Awards” for local access television stations, are presented to creative programs that address community needs, develop diverse community involvement, challenge conventional television formats, and move viewers to experience television in different ways.

In “Restoring My African Soul,” Janet Murphy Robertson interviews Robin Joyce Miller, who talks about her rediscovery of her African heritage and her art and poetry inspired by African culture and history. Rowland said, “Robin’s story about how she at first rejected even the idea of being black and then came to acknowledge and value her African heritage is inspiring, and her art and poetry beautifully express the restoration of her African soul.”

Marilyn expressed her gratitude for the award, “I am truly honored to receive this award. I worked very hard on the show to try to make it look professional, but I have to give a lot of the credit to Robin Joyce Miller, artist and poet, who shared her story so eloquently, and to Janet Murphy Robertson, who interviewed her on the show.”

The program was chosen as the winner by a panel of access center producers and staff members, “I think the video was selected because it discusses a rarely discussed concept, the importance and value of African American heritage and because it has good production values. Lighting and audio are good, and show is colorful and interesting--I greatly appreciate Tony Sadera’s help in the studio.” Rowland added, “Visuals include a lot of Robin’s artwork, and I spent a lot of time editing the show to make sure it flowed smoothly and included appropriate artwork at the right time.”

Marilyn is currently working on a show about the Mastersingers by the Sea, a Falmouth-based choir directed for the last eight years by David MacKenzie, who is also conductor of the New Bedford Symphony.

“Restoring My African Soul with Robin Joyce Miller” played on Public Channel 13 during 2014 and is available to watch online. (https://youtu.be/UcEKlGcF40E)