FCTV’s THE Conversation Producers Win Award for Community Impact

Falmouth - Falmouth Community Television (FCTV) and the co-producers of the television series THE Conversation were named as co-recipients of the Rika Welch Community Impact Award at the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region annual conference in Providence on March 31st. Co-producers The Rev. Will Mebane, Rector of St. Barnabas’s Episcopal Church; Onjalé Scott Price, Falmouth Select Board member and COO of Mizar Imaging; FCTV Executive Director/CEO Debra Rogers; and FCTV Production and Education Coordinator Allen Russell were the co-recipients of the award.

The Rika Welch Community Impact Award is annually awarded to the person or group in community media “who have generated a project that spoke directly to a clearer understanding of the cause being championed.”

THE Conversation, a monthly program created in 2020 and co-hosted by The Rev. Mebane and Ms. Scott Price, offers a timely dialogue and open discussion on race as a means of educating and informing the community of Falmouth and beyond how racism and bias impact people of color in their daily lives. The show exists, and is successful in, fostering awareness in order to create lasting and meaningful change. 

The program’s co-hosts, diverse panelists, and “person in the street” commentators engage the viewer through honest and meaningful discussions on issues of race.

Topics to date have included; “The Black Lives Matter Movement,” “Talking Across the Aisle” (2-part discussion), “Race and Religion,” “Indigenous People and Racism,” “White Privilege,” “Voter Suppression,” “Racial Disparities in Healthcare,” “How Racism is Manifested in Education,” “The Intersection of Sexism and Racism,” “Racism in the Justice System,” “Racism and Housing Disparities,” “Racism and Sports,” “Racial Stereotypes,” “Racism in Immigration,” “Racism in the Tourism Industry,” “Racism in the Arts,” “Racism and the LGBTQIA+ Community,” and “Racism in the Curriculum.” The program’s nineteenth episode is currently in production.

THE Conversation has served as a true catalyst. Program discussions and the introductions of people who have never before met have resulted in new partnerships and collaborations, raised the profile of black and indigenous-owned businesses, and played a significant role in the decision of co-host Onjalé Scott Price to run for elected office to the Falmouth Select Board where she now serves as the only person of color on that executive branch of our town government.

This program guides anti-bias education, forms meaningful partnerships, and changes how institutions, government, education, healthcare, business, and faith communities work, look and interact.

THE Conversation can be viewed Friday at 6:00 PM, Sunday at 8:00 PM, Monday at 8:00 AM, and Wednesday at 11:00 AM on FCTV Public Channel 13. The program is also available for viewing on-demand at fctv.org, FCTV’s Facebook page, and YouTube channel.