December 2018 at Maser Gallery

December 2018 at the Maser Gallery

Mixed media art by Nancy Shadyac will be on display at the Maser Gallery from December 2, 2018 through January 3, 2019. The public is invited to a reception on Sunday, December 2, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

Nancy Shadyac has been painting for about four years. She uses oils or acrylics to create her work depicting animal life, landscapes or the sea. She has a special affinity for lighthouses and sunsets, reflecting her deep love of her Cape Cod roots. “I find it in an exciting challenge to take what the eye sees and transform my interpretation on canvas,” explains Nancy. “Being a native to the Cape, it is still wondrous how colorful the sky and ocean can be whether calm or stormy; not to mention being blessed with four seasons! If I can bring joy, peace or contentment to any one person through my art, then I have succeeded.”

Nancy comes from a long line of crafters as her parents started Phams Arts and Crafts in Falmouth which had open doors for 35 years. She’s happily married, is a mother and grandmother as well as stepmom to several cats.

In her “other life” Nancy is employed at Falmouth Hospital, and also plays harp for local nursing homes.

Gallery Hours: Sun: 12-8pm; Mon: 2-10pm; Tue-Wed-Thu: 10am-10pm; Fri: 10am-6pm; Sat: Closed