August 2017 at the Maser Gallery

August 2017 at the Maser Gallery

Artworks by Michael Marrinan will be on display at the Maser Gallery at Falmouth Community Television from August 6 through August 31. The public is invited to attend the Opening Reception on Sunday, August 6, from 3:00-5:00pm.

Michael Marrinan was born in London, England and has lived on Cape Cod since 1999. Michael is an established artist who works with oil on linen. He began working with copper seven years ago. His process of “oils on copper” starts with the aging of the copper with a process that involves both sulphur and organic tomatoes. Once this process is complete he continues with the use of oils to enhance the copper’s inherent patina, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

Frames are made of aged, recycled wood which compliments the copper, the art work, and unique attributes of all the materials. This combination creates an organic richness unifying the rawness and ethereal ambiance of each piece. To further testify to the process, Michael signs the pieces on the wood frame as opposed to the painting itself...the marriage is complete.

“Living on Cape Cod is an obvious inspiration,” explains Michael. “I try and paint color and feeling rather than land or seascapes. Most of my paintings start with a horizon line and I work either above or below that line. Whether to bring harmony to the two parts or clear disharmony is decided as I paint. The painting dictates drama or calm. I always try and leave the observer with a sense of place but not a direct location, giving them the opportunity to use their imagination or recall a memory of their own to connect the two.”

Michael has his own gallery in Eastham and has shown in galleries in Chatham and Wellfleet. This is his first exhibit in the Upper Cape area.

Maser Gallery Exhibit Hours: Sun: 2-10 p.m.; Mon: 2-10 p.m.; Tue-Wed-Thu: 10-10 p.m.; Fri: 10-6 p.m. Sat: Closed

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