About Membership

Active Membership is open to all individuals who reside, work, or have taxpayer status in Falmouth, and to all organized groups with offices in Falmouth such as schools, hospitals, government agencies, fraternal groups, in addition to social service, arts, environmental, science, religious, political, business, and other organizations.

Active Members are allowed to attend FCTV's Television Workshops and have free access to FCTV's production facilities and equipment for the purpose of producing programs to be cablecast on Channel 13. Yearly Active Membership dues are:

Click Here To Access Member Portal* $30 for Individual Membership.
* $75 for Organizational Membership which includes the yearly dues for one person.
* $15 for each additional person under an Organizational Membership.
* $75 for a family group of four members (one voting member)

Click here for our Membership Application form.

FCTV's booklet, Operating Rules and Regulations (PDF), describes membership eligibility and privileges, scheduling and access, and use of studio and field equipment. Current workshop schedules are also posted at the station. Every Wednesday, a twelve-day program schedule is printed as a flier, and in Friday's Enterprise.

Click here to access our Member Portal.