About Us

About FCTV

Falmouth Community Television (FCTV) is a nonprofit community media center that fosters the production and distribution of local information.  FCTV provides access to training, technology and content to encourage community dialogue, awareness and expression.

Note About FCTV Non-Partisanship

This week a video was posted on the internet that may give the incorrect impression that FCTV is endorsing a candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) independent organization, FCTV does not endorse candidates for any office, referendum questions, or Town Meeting warrant articles.

FCTV invited all candidates equally to record a statement about their candidacy. While candidates may use their recorded statements in their own publicity and social media, please be advised that FCTV remains unaffiliated with any political party, government, or candidate.

FCTV will continue to treat all candidates for public office with fairness and objectivity, providing an equal and even platform for discussion and debate.

About Membership

Active Membership is open to all individuals who reside, work, or have taxpayer status in Falmouth, and to all organized groups with offices in Falmouth such as schools, hospitals, government agencies, fraternal groups, in addition to social service, arts, environmental, science, religious, political, business, and other organizations.

Our Staff

FCTV staff members provide technical assistance to community members and are responsible for the day to day operation of the facility. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.

Our Location And Hours

Falmouth Community Media Center

NOTE: Falmouth Community Television has moved to the opposite side of the building at 310 Dillingham Avenue, in the space formerly occupied my Granite City Electric, now known as the Falmouth Community Media Center. (Units C, D, and E.) You can enter the parking lot from Rose Morin Lane, just off Dillingham Avenue.

Letter to Candidates

Dear Candidate for Election;

In an effort to encourage the use of FCTV – Public Access Channel 13 by candidates for election, I want to share with you the FCTV policy regarding candidates and the use of Channel 13, including the availability of the FCTV Community Bulletin Board for one page which may be changed out weekly.

The Gallery at FCTV

The GALLERY at FCTV - GUIDELINES for Showing and Gallery Visits 2022

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of additional variants, FCTV has revised rules and regulations for showing at and visiting The Gallery at FCTV.

VISITORS to All Exhibitions

To make an appointment for an exhibition in-person, email tony@fctv.org or call 508-457-0800.

The Gallery at FCTV

The Gallery at Falmouth Community Television features a different local artist every month, including opening receptions where you can meet the artist in person.

In addition, artists featured in the Gallery can be seen on Channel 13 on the program "This Month at The Gallery at FCTV."

Please note new gallery policy: All exhibiting artists must be members of FCTV.

Please Support Community Media on #GivingTuesday

We hope you'll consider FCTV into your #GivingTuesday plans today. Please click here to support us!

We've accomplished so much this year, but only with your generous support. Youth programs, transparency in government, support for the creative economy, workshops that impart valuable skills, dissemination of vital emergency information, local content found nowhere else, media assistance to local nonprofits and charities, equal access for all to equipment, training and distribution channels, and much more. None of this would be possible without our members, volunteers and supporters!